Clarkson’s Top Gear Competition May Hit Netflix First

Fans of Top Gear and former hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James Mays have been waiting with baited breath to find out news concerning the new show in the works for this dynamic trio. It had previously been reported that Netflix, Hulu, and other networks were in negotiations for the show. The issue with a new show coming out immediately was because the former Top Gear hosts had contracts with BBC and those contracts stated that the hosts could not make a show that would rival Top Gear should they leave the show.

Thank goodness for loopholes! Jeremy Clarkson’s lawyers have apparently found a loophole in the contracts. The contracts state that the presenters cannot form a rival show with any other British Broadcaster. Netflix, however, is a U.S. company, so there isn’t anything in the contract forbidding them from creating a show on Netflix.

While it was speculated that ITV might be the place they would end up, if Netflix bought the show, they could still sell the rights overseas to ITV later. Whatsapp for Blackberry This makes perfect sense, as it was being reported that higher ups at ITV were even planning to use the Top Gear timeslot to air the new show with Clarkson, Mays, and Hammond.

According to Metro UK, “Jeremy has allegedly received advice from his lawyers that there wouldn’t be an issue of him creating the show via an overseas company and then selling the rights to broadcasters in the UK.”

Additionally, The Daily Mirror is reporting that Jeremy believes they will get around the issues they are facing, stating, “It has been a battle with all the legal complications, but after some solid advice Jeremy believes they’ll successfully get around the issues despite the BBC making desperate efforts to stop them.”

Clarkson has even recently hinted about negotiations with Californians, which could mean he’s talking to the folks at Netflix in preparation for a new show.

No matter where it ends up, there is no doubt that a new show is in the works with these three hosts. The show will certainly be big competition for Chris Evans’ Top Gear reboot, which should be revealing plans for the new season soon.