Club de Cuervos First Trailer and Look into Netflix’s First Spanish Language Show

While Netflix has been pushing to produce new shows, it has proven that these shows don’t only need to be for English speaking audiences. The first foray into the world of Spanish-speaking television comes in the form of Club de Cuervos, a dramedy about a soccer club that has all the binge-worthiness of any of the English-speaking shows you’ve seen.

The show, which is set in Mexico, centers on the well-to-do Iglesias family. When the father dies, the kids fight for control of Dad’s pro-soccer team, the Cuervos of Neuvo Toledo. The children, of course, are polar opposites, with Chava (Luis Gerardo Mendez), being the playboy, and Isabel (Mariana Trevino) being a hard-worker that might be the more obvious choice. It’s not just these two though, because Daddy’s girlfriend says she’s pregnant and these two at-odds siblings are going to add a half-sibling to the mix.

These aren’t the only things making the show crazy though. It seems everyone that has a hand in this soccer club is bringing conflict. Netflix describes the show simply as:

“Balanced equally among comedy and drama, Club De Cuervos follows all the funny, sexy and dramatic action off the field and in the locker rooms. Egos, tempers, insults and soccer balls fly as the party boy brother, the work obsessed sister, a (possibly) pregnant girlfriend, the beleaguered team captain and everyone else in between all enter the pitch, all vying to score a personal goal.”

Beyond Mendez and Trevino, Stephanie Cayo, Daniel Gimenez Cacho, Ianis Guerrero and Antonio de la Vega will also star in the series. Club de Cuervos was created by Gaz Alazraki. Alazraki is known for the movie, Nosotros Los Nobles.

You can begin binge-watching the 13-episode season of Club de Cuervos on August 7, when it will be released, like all Netflix original series’, in its entirety.