Netflix Canada vs Netflix USA

For the longest time I thought Canadian Netflix and American were exactly the same. Boy was I wrong. According to my findings, not only does US Netflix have much better shows and movies – they have thousands of more shows and movies. Here’s the facts:

Netflix Canada – Roughly 4000 shows and movies.
Netflix USA – Over 10,000 shows and movies.

That’s right… American Netflix has 6000+ more shows than us up here in Canada! The two services may look identical at first glance, but the numbers say it all. American Netflix is incredibly better. This poses another question…

Why does American Netflix have better shows?

American Netflix has better shows due to one simple yet complicated idea. Contracts. Netflix has to make contracts with big media companies to get the rights to their shows and movies. Unfortunately for Netflix (and Canadians) they have a much harder time getting contracts for Canadian Netflix due to big media companies in Canada securing them.

Although I’m sure Netflix would love to get the contracts equal from border to border, it just isn’t that easy with billions of dollars worth of content being fought over. For now, Canadians are just stuck with the short end of the stick. Although… fortunately for us there’s a workaround. 🙂

Is it possible for Canadians to get American Netflix up here in Canada?

Yes! It’s very easy to do.

Just click here to go to the homepage of my website for the guide!

Awesome! What are some good shows on American Netflix?

Here’s a list by the Vancouver Sun of a lot of good shows on American Netflix.














Some other highly rated shows on American Netflix are:

  • The Office
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Many many others.

Hope you enjoy American Netflix and as always feel free to leave a comment on the homepage if you need help!